To make these instructions easier to follow, acrylic with brown paper still on it is being used. If you peel the paper off of your pieces before gluing them together, you will have a transparent box through which you can see the electrical components.

Step 1: Assemble the Core

Place the top plate (4) into the assembly jig (1). Place the sidewalls (2) between the top plate and the jig.

Place a drop of super glue in all four of the center notches and a drop on each end of the side walls. Then, insert the dividers as pictured and wrap the core in tape to hold it together while the glue dries.

Step 2: The Base and the Top

Remove the core, turn it over, and place it back onto the jig upside down. Place a drop of superglue in each corner and along the central notches in the core. Press the Base Plate (3) onto the core and allow the glue to dry.

Remove the pickup from the jig and turn the core on its side. Run a bead of superglue down the edge opposite the base plate. Slide the top plate (4) onto the core so that it is in the bead of glue and flush with the core. Balance the assembly on the jig, making sure the keep the top plate and the top of the core flush, and allow the glue to dry.

Step 3: The Electromagnet

Feed about 3″ of 28AWG wire through one of the side holes in the base plate and leave it hanging out the bottom. Wrap the wire as tightly as possible in a coil around the core. Once the wraps have been completed, feed the end through the other side hole in the base plate and trim it to match the first tail.

Place the pickup flat on the table with the top plate down. Make sure your magnets are both facing the same direction and press them into the core until they’re touching the table. This will make sure they’re flush with the top of the pickup. Place several drops of super glue around the magnets to hold them in place and allow the glue to dry.