SoundScope is a sound analysis and synthesis tool used for visualization of acoustic waveforms and synthesis of tones to generate sound.


TuneScope combines SoundScope with Snap!, an educational programming language. TuneScope is used to create digital music using the joint capabilities of these two tools.


The HyperDuino is an adapter for the Arduino microcontroller used in Make to Learn Invention Kits. It was developed by Roger Wagner in collaboration with the Make to Learn Laboratory.

FabMaker Studio

FabMaker Studio is a computer-assisted design (CAD) program for children. Peggy Healy Stearns designed the program, collaborating with the Make to Learn Laboratory. The application is published by FableVision.

Games and Simulations

Kids and Cookies

Kids and Cookies is an education game developed in the Make to Learn Laboratory for exploration of fractions. The goal is for children to “share cookies fairly.”

Gerrymandering Simulation

The Gerrymandering Simulation allows learners to explore ways in which the boundaries of congressional districts can be manipulated for political advantage.