A number of expansion boards have been developed that can be plugged into the top of the Arduino board to extend its capabilities. Arduino expansion boards are called shields.

The HyperDuino shield is an Arduino expansion board developed by Roger Wagner to extend the Arduino’s capabilities.  This diagram illustrates the different connection options of the HyperDuino.

The HyperDuino Version 4.1R shield includes connections that can be used to control motors. In this example, a direct current motor was connected to MA1 and MA2 on the green and yellow motor controller block, as shown in the illustration below.

The following program turns the motor on. Digital Pin 3 and Digital Pin 4 control the direction of the motor. Analog Pin 5 controls the speed of the motor.

If Digital Pin 3 were set to Low and Digital Pin 4 were set to High, the direction of the motor would reverse. Setting Analog Pin 5 to 0 stops the motor.

The HyperDuino Version 4.1 R shield can control two DC motors or one stepper motor.