Version 3 of the MakeBlock program was used to control the LED strip. This program can be downloaded from the MakeBlock website:

Once the MakeBlock program has been downloaded and installed, select the mBot (mCore) option under the Boards tab of the MakeBlock menu.

Selecting the mBot (mCore) Board Option

The Arduino microcontroller is connected to the desktop or laptop computer via a USB cable. Select the highest numbered serial port available on the Connect tab to establish communications between the PC and the Arduino.

Establishing Communication between the PC and the Arduino

The LED strip was connected to Pin Position 11 of the Hyperduino shield. This pin corresponds to “Port 1, Slot 1” of the Set LED Strip command.  Therefore these settings should be used to send commands to the LED strip.

Pin 11 of the Hyperduino Corresponds to Port 1, Slot 1 of the SET LED Command