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This LED strip has a connector on the end with a red, green, and white wire. These wires are the power, data, and ground wires. (Two additional wires, one red and one white, wire be used for supplementary power connections for long strings of LEDs, but were not connected in this example.)

The Power, data, and ground wires on the WS2812B connector

A HyperDuino+R shield was used in combination with an Arduino Uno microcontroller. The HyperDuino shield is placed on top of the Arduino and provides additional power that can be used to control devices such as robots and motors. This makes it possible to combine an LED strip with a kinesthetic sculpture (for example).  However, the LED strip can be connected directly to the Arduino if desired.

Connecting the LED strip to the Hyperduino shield

The WS2812B wires were connected to Pin Position 11 of the Hyperduino shield as shown in the Figure above. The connections between the LED strip and the Hyperduino shield are listed in Table below.