The chimney is assembled next. It consists of a front face, a back face, and two sides.

The Components of the Chimney

Pre-fold the sides of the chimney. Begin by folding the horizontal creases, as shown in the left side below. Then fold over the shoulders of the chimney sides, as shown in the right side below.

The Sides of the Chimney (pre-folded)

The four tabs of the back of the chimney can then be glued to a side of the chimney, as shown below (left). The completed result is shown below (right).

Back and Side of Chimney: Inside View (left) and Outside View (right)

The other side of the chimney is then glued to the back face of the chimney. The result should look like the illustration shown below.

Back and Both Sides of Chimney

The front face of the chimney can be added to complete this element of the kitchen. Also glue the top tabs of the chimney down to form the top.

Front of Chimney

The chimney is now glued to the side of the house, as shown below.

House and Chimney (front view)

The tab at the bottom of the chimney should be positioned on the outside. The chimney tab will provide an additional surface that can be used to glue the house and chimney assembly to a platform.

House and Chimney (viewed from beneath)