Recommended Piecepack Games


Overall, the game was fun and easy to play.

Carlee Strathmann


We found that this game was actually way more fun than we anticipated it to be, and got all of our blood pumping when we would yell at another person for messing something up. The rules are incredibly straightforward and easy to understand, so we could pretty much dive right in too which was nice. This game isn’t too complex but could be a fun study break or quick little activity that doesn’t require too much commitment. The instructions also list several variants that make the game easier or harder, and we tried the “Memory Variant”. This added another fun layer to it once we got tired of the traditional gameplay.

Billy Livermoon

Elephant Run

This game is really fun to play, as it utilizes rules from different games such as checkers, solitaire, etc. and adds a creative element in calling it “Elephant Run” adding a story to it. The directions were very clear and made it easy to understand and dive right into playing. The game also only takes up to ten minutes to play, and was a lot more fun than I thought it would be to play!

Caleb Hallinan

Galaxy Express

The set-up of the game did not require much time. Overall, Emily and I enjoyed playing the board game.

Abby Smith


The game itself is very easy to learn. The game is played by two people. I would give a rating of 9.5/10 for the game.

Daniel Hofherr


We enjoyed playing the game because it was very relaxed, didn’t require tons of time, and allowed for us to converse and build community while playing. I found that it was more fun when playing with 2 players rather than 4 because it was more challenging, due to the fact each player had more tiles. The makers of “Matches” also did a great job of providing a more taxing version. This alternate version grants the freedom for a player to place an unmatched coin back in the middle at a location of choice. This variant adds an extra obstacle to one’s memory and deduction skills, requiring greater concentration.  By adding this extra feature, the game becomes more complex and can adhere to the adult audience more so than children. While the game is attractive because it accounts for all ages, this variant was necessary in providing an alternate challenging route for adults.

Emily Fair