As in the simple step design, take three measurements from the house design:

  • X Height of Steps (base to door sill)
  • Y Width of Steps
  • Z Depth of Steps

Determine the depth of the landing. This will often be an educated guess. Make a square width y and that depth (b).

Determine the size of the central square. It will be y wide and the full depth (z) minus the depth of the landing (b). Place a square that size on the lower edge of the landing rectangle. Turn the edges into a fold line.

The side will be a trapezoid rather than a triangle. Start by making a rectangle x by z. Rotate that rectangle and place it with the full width (z) at the lower point of the central square and the top edge protruding length b (depth of landing). Point edit the rectangle to turn it into a trapezoid along the edge of the central square.

Mirror the trapezoid and place it on the other side of the central square.

Make a square x by y/2. Rotate it and place an x side against the trapezoid. Draw a fold line on the border between the two shapes. Draw a fold line along the top of the trapezoid. Finally, make fold lines at the top of the landing and cut lines on either side. (The little tab formed here will ultimately be glued under the landing.)

Draw the exterior cut line around the shape, but join the top point of the landing with the tip of the trapezoid on each side. Also include a lower tab. Pull the guide shapes out and delete them (2 trapezoids and 3 squares). If you use the landing guide to apply a color remember to make the edges into non-cut lines. Otherwise, remove it.

Make stairs as for the simple steps.