Take three measurements from the house design:

  • X Height of Steps (base to door sill)
  • Y Width of Steps
  • Z Depth of Steps

Determine the size of the square that will represent the stairs. Make a right triangle with base z and height x. The hypotenuse matches the length of the other side of the square (a). Make a square of that size, then place the triangle’s hypotenuse along one side and a mirror of the triangle on the other side.

Make a square x (height) by y (width) and place it above the square. This will be the tab that gets attached to the building wall.

Make a square x by y/2. Rotate it and place an x side beside the x side of the triangle. Make the line type into a dash (for folding).

Make a fold line on the x side of each triangle.

Make the exterior cut line by drawing a closed shape around the exterior, making a tab on the lower edge. Pull the guide shapes away and delete them. (3 squares and 2 triangles) Determine how many steps will be printed on the central square. The top and bottom should be a riser (grey shade).  Make a grey rectangle width y and height that you determine.  Make the edges a non-cut line. Replicate it to make the number of risers needed. Place one at the top and one at the bottom of the central square, place the others in between, and use the alignment tool to distribute them evenly and line up the sides.