Step 1: Assembling the Pickup

Print the solenoid bobbin and glue the ends onto the tube. After the glue dries, wrap the solenoid with 28AWG wire, leaving about a three inch tail through the slotted end. After wraps have been completed, bring the tail end back through the slot and trim it to match the first tail. Tape them in place so that they cannot come unwrapped.

Insert the magnet into the solenoid core and glue it in so that it’s flush with the end of the coil opposite the tails.

Let this dry while completing step 2.

Step 2: Assembling the Instrument Body

Insert the tabs on the supports into the slots on one of the side panels. You may have to use a mallet to tap them into place.

(Fig.1) With the supports facing up, place the second side panel on top. Starting at one end, line up the slots on the panel with the tabs on the supports below. Press the pieces firmly together.

The end panels are installed by lining up the tabs and pushing them firmly together. Gluing these joints is recommended.

(Fig.2) By now, the glue on your pickup should have set. Feed the wires from the solenoid through the hole on the central support, and then place the pickup into the hole.

From the top, insert a machine screw with washer through the hole at the end of the panel. From the bottom, put a washer and nut on the machine screw and finger tighten.

Starting at one end of the instrument, press the top panel into place. Take care to align all tabs and the pickup. Tap the top panel into place with the mallet.

Step 3: Attaching the String

Feed the tip of the guitar string through the ball end, making a loop, and tighten that loop around the machine screw, beneath the top washer.

Using a screwdriver, tighten the screw at the bridge end of the instrument until the washer is snug against the body.

Remove the shroud from the tuner. With the gears facing inwards, align the tuner in the end of the instrument body and mark the holes. Drill pilot holes at these marks, and then use the screws to attach the tuner.

Stretch the string over the instrument body, and feed the tip through the tuner peg, loop it back, and feed it through again. The string should be pulled relatively taught at this point.

Turn the tuner to tighten the string, making sure to align it in the bridge grooves.

Step 4: Soldering the Wiring Harness

Insert the threaded end of the jack through the hole on the end of the instrument body so that the threads are on the outside. Tighten the nut and washer onto the jack with the jack leads facing the bottom of the instrument.

Solder a wire to each lead on the jack, feed them through the holes in the support, and solder them to the leads coming from the pickup. Tape the wires to opposite sides of the instrument to keep them from touching.

Tune up the string, and your instrument is ready to play!