Valentine Art

The Internet now makes all of the art and decorative patterns of previous millennia available, from Greek mosaics to Victorian wallpaper designs. These patterns can be combined with user-created art to create a unique gift or decoration for Valentine’s Day.

There are a number of graphic design programs that can be used to create original art. Silhouette Studio is a design program whose basic version is free. The program is available on the Silhouette America web site:

The program provides a workspace in which designs can be managed and edited. In this example, the designer has assembled a pattern that will be combined with a  heart in the workspace.

When both the heart and the pattern are selected, the crop command (found under the Modify menu) can be used to remove the areas that are not shared by both shapes.

The result is a heart filled with a pattern. The decorative heart can then be printed on a card or a decorative object.

Imagination is the only limit on the endless possibilities that can be created.